Sunday, 23 March 2014

Longleat Safari Park, UK

There are few things which should be part of your Itinerary when you Visit a Country.
One of the most important things is Wild Life Park, So my 2nd trip in UK was to Longleat Safari Park.

I was so excited to go for a Safari as it was suppose to be my 1st Safari trip :)

It fulfilled most of our expectations, You can't compare it with the Safari in Africa, but LongLeat has it own Standard.
After all it's UK's No.1 Safari Park

High Light's:

1. Penguin Island

I think Penguin's are one of the Cutest and Smartest Mammal's, It Feel as if your are in Heaven when you get to touch and feed Penguin.

Get up-close with Humboldt penguins as they swim underwater and right beneath your feet in the amazing subterranean cave on penguin island!

There is an zone where you can Walk and Sit Penguin :)

2. Longleat Hedge Maze

Maze, where your sole mission is to find your way to exit Tower, There are few bridge's to get a glimpse of exit way path.

We were split in 3 Groups of 4 People each, at one moment all groups where lost and standing on bridge to find our way.

I was part of the group who weren't the Winners, because we were busy taking Pictures and Posing on Bridge's :)

3. Hunter's of The Sky

This is a Show where World best Predator's take to the Skies, Its an 45 min show and you won't come to know when this show is over.

This show how predator's have an accuracy and eye on the Target.

No Matter how high they are flying, Target is crystal clear for them.

4. Feeding Animal's

Once out from Hunting Bird show, you can find your way toward Deer Park.
I thought this Deer's were so lonely and they wanted to talk with someone and here I come :)

5. Gorilla Island

You will need to be on a Ferry to take a tour of Gorilla Island, This Ferry has a Speaker who will guide you about Gorilla Island and some Interesting fact about Gorilla's.
I was shock to know they have kept a TV for our Oldest Gorilla on the Island .... hahahaha... No wonder why we are so much attracted to TV :P

During your ferry trip you will be followed by number of Seal (Sea Lion's), I just felt they are so hungry whatever you feed them they will eat.

6. Longleat House (Bollywood Movie Shoot at this House)

If you are Bollywood Movie fan then this House will attract you, I hope every Bollywood fan remember Mohabbatein Movie.

Yes Mohabbatein Movie's Gurukul College was nothing but this Longleat House.

7. Safari to the Jungle

Last but one of Most IMP attraction of LongLeat for which I was waiting , Drive in to the Jungle :)
This Safari park have acre's of Jungle which is divided into number of section, each section is dominated by different kind of Animals.

Jungle Section:

Tiger Territory                                          Lion Country
Cheetah Kingdom                                     Wolf Wood
Giraffes Village                                         Monkey Drive Thru
Pelican Pond                                            Anne the Elephant
Flamingo Valley

How to Reach

Safari park is Located in West of England, Few miles away from StoneHenge (UK's Historic Place).
From Central London it's almost 2 hrs drive.

To enjoy Safari in Jungle I will suggest go by hire/own car instead of Public Transport.

Public Transport :

Walk to London Paddington
About 4 mins (0.1 mi)
London Paddington Stop ID: PAD
Train London Paddington to Exeter St Davids
Train towards Exeter St Davids
07:06 - 08:25 (1 hour 19 mins, 4 stops)
Westbury Stop ID: WSB
Train Worcester Shrub Hill to Weymouth
Traintowards Weymouth
09:32 - 09:41 (9 mins, 1 stop)
Frome Stop ID: FRO
Drive/Taxi to Longleat Safari & Adventure Park
About 15 mins (4.8 mi)
Longleat Safari & Adventure Park
Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 7NW, United Kingdom


  1. Do you subscribe to any other websites about this? I'm struggling to find other reputable sources like yourself

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  2. Hi Amela,

    I am not sure of any other websites for London Longleat Safari, But you can go to this place.
    It is an nice place to hangout for a day.